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Are you ready to take your soccer performance to the next level? 


The In-Season Strength Program is specifically designed for soccer players who are committed to becoming the best version of themselves physically and dominating on the field. With four targeted sessions a week, this program will help you build your strength, power, and explosiveness, all while supporting injury prevention.


Key Features:

  • Four Sessions a Week: This program offers a comprehensive training schedule, ensuring you make consistent progress throughout the season. By incorporating just four sessions per week into your training schedule, you'll strike the perfect balance between building strength and allowing ample recovery time.

  • Tailored for Soccer Players: Unlike generic workout programs, this strength training regimen is specifically designed for soccer players. This program places a strong emphasis on functional structure, strength, and core stability. Alongside injury prevention, targeting these areas has increased my strength, explosiveness, and power, giving me a competitive edge on the field.

  • Video Tutorial Library: To ensure you perform each exercise with the proper form and technique, the program includes access to our comprehensive exercise video library. This library includes detailed demonstrations and instructions for every exercise in the program.



  • Increased Strength: Develop the physical power and explosiveness needed to outmuscle opponents, win aerial battles, and maintain control over the ball.

  • Improved Core Stability: Strengthen your core muscles, including the abdominals, obliques, and lower back, to enhance your balance, stability, and overall athleticism.

  • Injury Prevention: By focusing on structural strength, you can reduce the risk of common soccer-related injuries, such as sprains, strains, and muscle imbalances.

  • Enhanced Performance: Gain a competitive advantage with improved speed, agility, explosiveness, and endurance, allowing you to go the extra mile during intense matches.


This is Phase 1 of 4. The In-Season Program has four progressing phases, each designed to be completed for a minimum of six months for maximum benefits. Each phase builds on the previous, this structured approach allows for progressive gains without overloading the body or impacting your performance in your team and/or technical sessions. Strength training as a soccer player is about long-term performance enhancement, not fast muscle gain. As you advance through each phase, you'll witness tangible improvements in your strength, power, and overall performance.


Take the step towards YOUR next level and unlock your true potential with the In-Season Soccer Strength Program.



PHASE 1 - In-Season Strength Program

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